Video Marketing, Graphic Design, Social Media Management & Consultation

We design, create, film, edit, photograph, code and build this type of stuff….

for these kinds of people…..

and we are really good at it 🙂

for these kinds of people…..

and we are really good at it 🙂


What services do you provide?

The short answer is – if it is related to digital media we provide it – so for example if you need a logo, a website, a marketing video, social media management, product packaging design and product photography we can handle all of that right here. If what you need is not on that list, get in touch.

I was thinking of getting a video made for my business, how does that work?

Simple. First we have a consultation and discuss the aim of your video. Then we research and plan the shoot. Then we shoot. Then we edit. Then we deliver 🙂

Do you provide drone services?

YES! We have an IAA registered Phantom 4 Pro and can deliver footage in 4k Resolution.

How much do videos cost?

Well how long is a piece of string? Is it a one camera shoot or three camera shoot? Do we need a sound technician? Will the drone be required? Do we need to hire a location? Do we need actors? Do we need models? How much editing will there be? We try to answer all of these questions following the first video marketing consultation so as to provide a comprehensive quotation.

We have produced one camera, one-day-turnaround videos, for as little as €750. We have also produced videos with budgets of up to €10,000. You tell us what you want, we will advise as to what it will likely cost, if that number is too high we revise until we find a figure that works for everyone. When it comes to digital marketing, video is the way to go for a large majority of businesses and we try to make it as affordable as is feasible for everyone.

I need a logo, how does that work?

After an initial consultation and then some research we will send you a number of drafts to look over. Your feedback will then inform the second drafts, which we will then narrow down to one final draft, and then tweak to your exact needs. Logo’s are delivered in all required formats and we can also create a branding guideline document.

How much do you charge for Graphic Design services?

€55/hour. If you have a big project we can offer a daily rate which amounts to decent savings over a few days.

Do you do weddings?

We are working on it. We just need to make sure we are going to do it right!

Do you print?

Yes and No! We don’t have a print workshop in-house, however we have a solid relationship with a number of printers for various types of media and will work directly with them and deliver your prints to you. The beauty of this is that you do not need to deal with the printers at all, we handle the artwork, the proofing, collection and delivery for you.

Which web platform do you use?

We build exclusively on WordPress. It’s provides everything we need for 90% of projects, the other 10% we refer to other developers.

What services don’t you provide?

There are some projects we do not take on when we know another specialised agency can do it better. For instance,  we don’t create App’s, however we can talk you through the process of creating an app and put you in contact with some developers. Some specialist website projects we will refer you to other developers also.

Do you outsource to India?

NO! This is a growing trend in our industry but we prefer to keep it local. If we do need to outsource a service it is to a team of local professionals whom we have worked with in the past and have a relationship with. Nothing is hidden from the client, we will tell you if we are bringing another agency or freelancer in on the job and give you all of their details.

What about the ‘HIDDEN’ costs?

There are none. We quote for a finished product every-time. For some jobs we will add a redundancy to the quote to allow for things going wrong or minor changes the client requests mid-way through a job. In those cases, if everything goes right we usually come in under budget. If you (the client) makes a U-Turn mid-way through that is going to significantly impact the budget, we will revise the cost with you before proceeding any further.